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"Ooh, that picture makes me look tough. Its good marketing I guess. Honestly, yes, I am tough, I have been known to hold my own. I wish that I could say it was all me, and that I invented the wheel, I did not. Its the techniques that have proven themselves and have been passed down. We simply facilitate learning, we are here for you . If you choose to go down this path, we will help you. The path does the rest."

-Dont fear the man who knows 1,000 techniques. Fear that man who has done 1 technique 1, 000 times.

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Level 1 Coach Ryan Hibler

Certified Battle School Instructor

Level 1 Coach Julien Marx

Certified Battle School Instructor










Martial Quotes:

Iron sharpens iron. Harden up. Get tough.

 Embrace the suck.

If you can't be a good example be a horrible warning.

If you're going to be a bear be a grizzly.

Pull them into your peace.

Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Welcome to Training.

Pain is temporary, failure is forever.

You only Fail if you quit.

Pain is the best teacher, no one wants to go to class.

When you want to quit, that's when the training begins.

Train with purpose.

The purpose is to train while you're tired, it sharpens the spirit.

Do not assume.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

A conscious man is consistent, A leader is consistent.

Work on weakness until they are strengths.

Love over fear.

Don't take it personal.

The responsibility of learning falls on the student.

Redirect, Control, Attack, Take Away. R.C.A.T.

Position before submission.

Life is not fair, train accordingly.

So that way we may one day walk in peace.

Lead with speed, devour with power.

Punches in bunches.

Get to the hit.

The best defense is a good offense.

Greatness is a habit.

Don't hate it for what its not, love it for what it is.

Find your peace while the temple is crumbling around you.

It's about being comfortable at all times-Find your inner peace.

Don't drill it till you know something Drill it until you can't get it wrong.

Fear the calmest man in the room.

The most dangerous man in the room is the white belt.

Everyone pities the week, but jealousy, and envy- you have to earn.

 Turn prey into predator.

Closest weapon closest target.

When in doubt, choke him out.


Happiness is a choice.

You train how you fight, and you fight like you train.

Kiss. Keep it Stupid Simple 

One day you're the hammer, the next the nail.

Controlling the distance is King.

Don't chase the belts, chase the knowledge. Remember why you started.

Every journey begins with a single step.

Do something your future self will be proud of.

Injuries are built into our system, come to class.

A leader is at his best regardless, there are no excuses.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Martial arts is not about fighting, it's about building resolve , never giving up. It's a vehicle for developing your human potential.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for I am the baddest man in that valley.

Fighting and self preservation is more like checkers than chess.

Quitting, like success is a habit.

When my body wants to quit and give, up my mind says "no way".

When you're in doubt of training give it the "five minute commitment".

Be aware of the energy you bring into a space. Emotions are contagious.

If you want to be liked be likable.

Slow to anger, quick to forgive.

The secret to life is finding the happy. If you can't find any good in the situation, look for a way to put some in.

 Why do you want to be SF? BC:" I don't want to pick up my brass."

What doesn't kill me had better start running

The pain we feel today is the strength we feel tomorrow.

The only reason you're conscious right now is because I don't want to have to carry you

Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.

Gravity , shes heartless.  Hit him with the biggest object you have, the planet Earth

You want the truth, we all suffer in life. If you can't be safe, be deadly.

You either win or you learn something.

Sometimes, the right words spoken softly is far more powerful then words spoken loudly.

Sometimes, you cannot win, but that has nothing to do with losing

I prefer chokes because the guy may fight with a broken arm, but anyone who gets choked goes to sleep.

I needed a hero, so that's what I became.

If we can learn to control our attitude as easy as we can pick out her clothes in the morning this world will be a better place.

Look in the mirror, that's your competition.